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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m sure I can do better with my money, but where do I begin?”

Have you ever wondered, “Is there a better, simpler, wiser path than the one that I am following?”

Or how about this one, ”I should be further along than I am now?”

That was me twelve years ago.

I was pretty happy and successful, but wondering if there was more. And that wondering was nagging at me. I really KNEW there was more in me and more out there for me. But I was stuck.

What I learned from Mike Wilk at Five Rings Financial set me on an incredible journey.

Almost immediately, I was able to make a few simple financial decisions that increased my results and my peace of mind EXPONENTIALLY. And, over time, I made a few decisions that have compounded - in a positive way - for my money and life. It has made all the difference.

If you have some wondering too, or maybe you KNOW you can receive better help than you are getting with your money right now, please reach out to me.

We never charge for a visit and we have no crazy high-pressure sales tactics.

We can not help everyone, but if you ask, we will be happy to have a look!

Here’s a bit about me…but really what I care about is this:

How can I help you?

As Mike always says,
“If you want to change something in your life…
You’ll probably have to change something in your life.”

If you’re ready to move on it, let’s have a talk.

Mary Fisher 2022

Mary Glynn Fisher Five Rings Financial

Mary Glynn Fisher

After attending Mike Wilk’s Money 101 Workshop in January 2011, Mary was compelled to invite others to hear the message. Wilk’s education-based, down-to-earth approach won her over. Mary has been instrumental in the development of thriving agencies across the United States, including Virginia, D.C., Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky and Texas. She has touched hundreds of lives, with a commitment to helping thousands more reduce stress easily and painlessly by improving their approach to personal, family and business finance. Mary has surrounded herself with an incredibly talented roster of “servant leaders” each teaching, hosting or supporting Wine, Women & Wealth and Money 101 events.

“Proper education and financial tools which include Living Benefits Life Insurance and Tax-Free Retirement can make a massive impact now and in the future.”

Mary lives in Virginia Beach with husband, Richard and son, Matthew and has a large, closely-connected extended family including her step-children Richie & Sabrina. She has a B.A. from Marymount University and a background in publishing, personal development, and interpersonal communications. She is an avid reader, traveler and lifelong learner.

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Amazing things happen when women get together – especially when you add fine wine to the mix.

Money 101

Whether your financial house is in good order or it's more of a "fixer-upper" this educational workshop provides fantastic value.


That is no problem we can schedule a personal session with just you and walk you through all the information we give out for FREE at our work shops.

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Mary Glynn Fisher
Executive Vice President
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