Money 101 – "How Money Works"

April 3, 2020 - 12:00 pm

Due to the virtual nature of this event, attendees must be properly registered 4 hours before live event.
To properly register, Please contact the person who invited you or a local 5RF VP or Mary Fisher and they will get you on the list as well as the link to join in.
Thank you.

You are invited to our virtual workshop called “How Money Really Works” or “Money 101”.
This is not a sales seminar, but rather an educational workshop designed to help you and those you love with ideas to grow and protect your money.

Whatever your reason: college funding, retirement planning, tax reduction or simple wealth accumulation – you’ll maybe unearth money you never even knew you had!

This class will re-introduce you to the three enemies you must overcome to create financial security. And don’t today’s times really require us to take a closer look at our intentions and actions regarding our Money!

So you know what to expect, let me tell you three things that you will NEVER see at our class.

1. We NEVER have a sign-in sheet! We believe that our information is vital & valuable so we don’t need to hunt you down, we like to work with volunteers.

2. We NEVER sell anything! We don’t push any books, CD’s, or self-help kits.

3. We NEVER pressure appointments! When it’s time to get up and leave, you just leave.

Bring your notepad, and listen to these fundamental principles of money. We look forward to seeing you there, and feel free to bring a friend, you are our guest!

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